About Us

Hey there! I'm Lindsay, the owner of Nomadic Jean.

Nomadic Jean was created from a love a fashion combined with a hate of scouring clothing racks of crop tops, plunging necklines, and booty shorts to find age appropriate clothing that made me look and feel beautiful and comfortable simultaneously. Now in my 30's, I have no desire for multiple wardrobes changes through my day or seams that dig into my sides, thus, Nomadic Jean was born!

Nomadic Jean's name comes from how I see the ultimate form of freedom. Nomadic in that you are not tied to one place and can go and see anything you desire which is my personal dream. Jean is my mom's middle name. She's my first best friend and life-mate and to her I owe everything. I love my dad too, but Nomadic Scott just doesn't have the same ring to it... sorry dad.